Lynn K. Fujimoto, DMD
Director, Lutheran Pediatric Dental Residency Program

“I have known Dr. Tina Tom for over twenty years as a colleague and as a friend.  Recently, I was able to interact with Tina professionally.  After thirty one years as a pediatric dentist in private practice, an opportunity to transition developed as the son of my business partner was returning to Hawaii following his residency.  Dr. Tom valued the practice, prepared contracts, negotiated a selling price and gave much needed emotional support.  It was so much more efficient being able to work with a transition consultant who lives in Hawaii.  I highly recommend her expertise and understanding.  I have been referring all my pediatric dental residents who are looking to associate or purchase practice to Tina Tom Transitions!!”


Vivian S. Aniya, DDS
Former Honolulu, HI dentist

“Dr. Tom helped me quickly pinpoint my goals, and put together a solid plan that perfectly supported my needs. I received guidance from T3 that ensured my patients would transition to their new dentist easily, and help my successor continue to thrive and grow the practice.”


Paul D. Sletten
The Sletten Group, Inc. •

“Being involved in more than 2000 dental practice transitions during my career, I immediately said “yes” when Dr. Tom asked me to mentor her. I knew she had the ideal skill set to become a star in the dental practice transition business. Hawaii dentists are fortunate to have Tina on their side.”