Dr. Tom has practiced general dentistry for over 20 years in Honolulu. She has successfully acquired and incorporated two additional dental practices into her original office.

After earning an MBA in 2002, Dr. Tom designed her first dental practice sales plan and package. With detailed planning, valuation and recruitment, she executed a very successful transition that met her client’s goals.

Creating Tina Tom Transitions

Tina N. Tom, DDS, MBA recognized the need for a dental practice transition resource with intimate knowledge of Hawaii’s unique culture and business environment.

In earnest, she began comprehensive research, traditional education and professional development through mentoring on this specialized service.

Combining her dental practice experience and educational background, Hawaii’s dentists have a valuable local resource for transition planning needs: Tina Tom Transitions.

Tina Tom Transitions (T3) offers the essential services needed for transition planning to Hawaii’s dentists.